By Brian D. Stanchak

Over the past four years, I have evaluated hundreds of resumes. When I receive a client’s resume or through our resume evaluation service, I will review and revise it taking into account 12 “must and must-not haves” that I developed as a collegiate Director of Athletics. I feel these tips have truly played an integral role in clients making a great first-impression and their resumes standing out with athletic administrators and coaches, especially ones they may not know already.

You hear advice all the time that your resume should be kept under two pages. I agree, depending on the number of jobs someone has had, but it is important that, just as your resume is concise, it is clear and easy to follow. A word document with one inch top margins, single-spacing, and size 12 times new roman font will allow for 47 lines of content. Here are three tips to shorten your resume, while helping it stand-out more when being viewed by an administrator or coach.

  • No “Objective” Needed: Some resume “experts” may disagree with this, but my theory differs. I feel that the objective is clear and obvious to the administrator or coach you are sending your resume to. Your objective is to obtain the position you are applying for.
    How many lines on your resume you will save: 3-4
  • No “Hobbies” Needed: Just because you like reading, watching movies, and kayaking will not be the difference maker in obtaining an interview for a job you are applying for. When you interview for the position, whether it is a phone or on-campus interview, you will be able to share more about yourself and allow the interviewee(s) to learn more about you as a person outside of the office.
    How many lines on your resume you will save: 2-3
  • No “References Available Upon Request” Needed: Just include your references as a separate attachment. Don’t make a prospective employer have to ask for them. While most administrators or coaches will go outside your reference list anyway, you want to make it very easy for your prospective employer to gather information about you to determine if they have a mutual interest without having to directly reach out to you.
    How many lines on your resume you will save: 1-2