By Brian D. Stanchak

As a former intercollegiate assistant basketball coach, and now an agent for intercollegiate basketball coaches, I think back to my coaching days when I look at how to work with and assist the coaches that I represent. My experience as a coach in the industry that I serve is a major advantage towards me helping clients to reach their professional goals, relieve some of the pressure that they face when pursuing and preparing for potential job interviews, and ensure they are fairly compensated and protected when opportunities are presented to them.

In addition to being, if needed, an available sounding board for my clients, below are some reasons why I would have strongly considered signing on with an agent if I were still coaching.

Assistance with…

  • expanding contacts
  • resume, cover letter, online bio, and interview portfolio
  • gathering information on potential job opportunities
  • confidentially reaching out to athletic directors and coaches concerning prospective employment opportunities
  • gathering information for interview opportunities
  • preparing for interview opportunities
  • obtaining fair and maximum compensation and protection in contract
  • marketing self

While a coach may not need assistance with all of the reasons above in a single-year, remember that accomplishing professional goals is a process. Establishing a long-term working relationship with an agent will provide help and support in advancing and navigating this process.