“Brian is a proven-winner. He is a giant in the business, and I would have never trusted anyone else to handle my affairs. He is passionate, trustworthy, and has a great work ethic. He will not only work until it is done, he will work until it is done right.”

Vanessa Blair-Lewis, Head Coach at Bethune-Cookman University

“Coming from someone who has already had an agent, the way you run your agency is amazingly professional, thorough, and FIRST-CLASS! I knew this was one of the best career moves I have ever made by joining The BDS Agency and you keep proving me right. Honestly the BEST thing about you and your agency, in my opinion, is your availability and constant open lines of communication. You make all of your clients feel like they are your number one client.”

David Caputo, Head Coach at Delaware State University

“From the first day I met Brian over 12 years ago, he has been authentic and genuine. I know that I can trust him with anything and that he will always be there for me. As my agent for the past five years, he has pushed me to improve myself every year, mentored and prepared me through different coaching searches, and now has been an incredible resource for navigating my first few months as a Head Coach. Brian truly puts his clients first, and I am very grateful to have him on my team!”

Gayle Coats Fulks, Head Coach at Davidson College

“Brian is a tremendous agent and I am so grateful to have him by my side and representing my career. His experience, knowledge, professionalism and support are great, but what makes him special is his passion and caring heart to want to see you succeed not only in your professional career but as a person! I always look forward to his text messages following a game, win or lose! He puts the personal touch in everything he does. I am grateful to have him represent me daily!”

Kacie Cryer, Head Coach at McNeese State University

“In a college basketball landscape that is ever changing and moving, Brian was an easy decision to represent me as I moved from an assistant to Head Coach. He was able to not only get me involved with jobs, but also seamlessly executed negotiations with my contract. Brian has been first-class from day one, and I couldn’t be more excited to have him on my team moving forward.”

Megan Duffy, Head Coach at Marquette University

“Since the first time Brian and I spoke, I could tell what kind of man he was and what he stood for. Everything that I believe in was in line with his vision for his agency and his clients. I was nervous about the process of having someone represent me, but now there is no one else that I would want to have that task. He has been a blessing to my career and my family, and I know I’m in great hands.”

Jordan Dupuy, Head Coach at Northwestern State University

“The BDS Agency played an integral role in guiding me through my career advancement. The knowledge and experience that Brian possesses is second to none and he’s eager to share it. He has been amazing throughout all aspects of the process and stays committed every step of the way. His passion and ability to communicate are what really sets him apart.”

Angel Elderkin, Head Coach at Appalachian State University

“I met Brian over 17 years ago when he worked for the men’s basketball program at Seton Hall, and the one thing that was evident then, and is even more true today, is his incredible work ethic and passion for his job. If you are looking for an agent that truly cares about his clients and their dreams and aspirations, there is no one better than Brian. I am blessed to have him in my corner and to have had him walk through this transition from assistant to Head Coach.”

Mary Evans, Head Coach at Valparaiso University

“As a former coach, Brian brings a knowledgeable perspective on the way the industry operates. He is thorough and attentive, while bringing a strong network of contacts to the table. Brian always has the best interest of his clients at heart.”

Tricia Fabbri, Head Coach at Quinnipiac University

“Brian’s personal touch and sincere relationship building were the difference in the decision-making process for me in regard to representation. I was extremely impressed with his attention to detail, the collection of data, and knowledge of the contract negotiation process. Most importantly, he has a genuine care for my family, program, and myself.”

Jose Fernandez, Head Coach at the University of South Florida

“People often ask me why I need an agent. It’s easy explaining the benefits being part of Brian’s team brings. I believe you see people for who they really are in two situations, when you are at your lowest and when they can’t benefit in any way from being there or helping you. Brian was there for me consistently during the toughest time of my coaching career and also during so many times that he’s just been a great source of advice and support. I’ve always believed you win with people and with Brian, that’s most definitely the case.”

Donna Finnie, Head Coach at Houston Baptist University

“Brian’s work ethic and passion speaks for itself, but the thing that made the difference for me was how genuine and sincere he has been with the development of our relationship. He has been supportive, detailed and professional every step of the way. Having Brian represent me has been one of the best decisions of my career.”

Darrick Gibbs, Head Coach at the University of North Florida

“I have known Brian since my early coaching days at Providence College so it was an easy decision to have him represent me. Brian is someone who I trust and can always count on. His knowledge and ability to help me through the contract negotiation process was second to none. Most importantly, he is a genuine person who cares about his clients, their programs, and their families. He has definitely made my transition to becoming a Head Coach so much easier on me.”

Shauna Green, Head Coach at the University of Dayton

“I believe that Brian is the most dynamic agent in the country due to his background, personality, work ethic, and big heart. He goes above and beyond for his clients on a professional level, and even a personal level. I felt like I inherited a great friend and even a family in The BDS Agency when I hired Brian as my agent.”

Jacie Hoyt, Head Coach at the University of Missouri-Kansas City,

“The thing that separate Brian from other agents is the personal attention and attention to detail during conversations. He cares about you, your family, and finding the best fit for you! He is there through the good, bad, and ugly!”

Ronald Hughey, Head Coach at the University of Houston

“Brian has been a steady, supportive influence on me and my career. He’s offered honest, timely advice when I’ve needed it and really helped me in making important decisions. He cares a lot.”

Jim Jabir, Head Coach at Florida Atlantic University

“Brian believed in me from the start and I will forever be grateful for that. He’s always looking out for his clients’ best interests. He’s a man of character who handles business the right way. He’s always a phone call away to answer questions or just to check on me. I am proud to have Brian as my agent, but more importantly, a friend.”

Ravon JusticeHead Coach at Sam Houston State University

“Brian has supported me through the process of obtaining my first head coaching job. He was there to help with every question and provide sound advice with every concern that I had. His connections as a former Assistant Coach and Athletic Director are priceless in providing experienced answers and help to navigate my young head coaching career.”

Tiara Malcom, Head Coach at Florida International University

“My relationship with Brian began during his coaching days. It was at that time that I felt a connection and his sincere personality. As we had always kept in touch and I wanted to be in a position to eventually become a Head Coach, he reached out to me and the timing was right. As a longtime Assistant Coach, Brian was very instrumental in guiding me through the process of becoming a Head Coach. Everything happened so quickly for me and I felt Brian was excellent in assisting me with my preparation. His support has been tremendous, as he genuinely cares.”

Caroline McCombs, Head Coach at Stony Brook University

“I’ve only been on Brian’s team for six months now, but I often wonder how inefficient I was without him. His work ethic gives me great confidence and peace, which allows me to just focus on my craft. If you are looking for someone that will not only make sure you’re secured but will go the extra mile to assist in making your dreams a reality, Brian is your guy!”

Yolett McPhee-McCuin, Head Coach at the University of Mississippi

“Brian is a genuine person with an amazing work ethic. It didn’t take long to figure out the benefits of having him on my team. I am thankful to have his support and expertise.”

Katrina Merriweather, Head Coach at Wright State University

“I am extremely fortunate to have gotten it right the first time. Brian is a first-class agent with a personal touch that makes you feel like his only client! I am always confident that he is aware of what is going on with me and my program, and even thinking ahead to ensure that I am prepared for what is to come. He remains in contact, he supports us, and I can always trust that he is working just as hard as the people on our campus to make sure North Texas women’s basketball is reaching new heights! I truly appreciate his level of investment and his desire to be the best in the business! His commitment is contagious, and I wouldn’t want to have anyone else as my representative. Thank you, Brian, for all that you do!”

Jalie Mitchell, Head Coach at the University of North Texas

“I have been working with BDS for the past few years, and I would not be where I am without Brian guiding me. He cares about his clients well-beyond the business. Best decision of my life.”

Marc Mitchell, Head Coach at Saint Peter’s University

“Brian has been instrumental in me becoming the head coach at Central Michigan University. When we first started working together, he would do mock interviews with me to get me ready. He also helped me create a portfolio to share my vision. The best part is that we have a great relationship and for him to be at my press conference meant so much.”

Heather Oesterle, Head Coach at Central Michigan University

“Brian is the best in the business hands down! He was amazing through the negotiations and beyond. I could always count on a positive message from him in a very challenging/building year after every game. Brian is not that agent that gets you a deal, gets a paycheck and is on to the next. He is genuine about each and every client, always checking in on you. He is the epitome of excellence and the leading expert at his craft!”

Misty Opat, Head Coach at Chicago State University

“Brian and I have been friends for many years and when I decided that I wanted to pursue my dream of becoming a Head Coach at the Division I level, it was a no-brainer to join the BDS team. Along with his tireless work ethic, Brian’s insight, having been a basketball coach and an Athletic Director, separates him from the others. I’m happy for Brian that his dream has come true with BDS, as well as by helping coaches like myself attain our lifelong goals.”

Jada PierceHead Coach at Niagara University

“Whatever you need, Brian is there! His background allows him to have such a broad skill set. He’s able to gather analytical information. He’s a great resource to bounce ideas off of. He’ll become one of your biggest fans personally and professionally, and most importantly, he’ll become a great friend! I don’t know how he is able to multi-task as well as he does, but the bottom line is that he gets it all done and it’s done extremely well!”

Dawn Plitzuweit, Head Coach at the University of South Dakota

“My initial perception of having of professional representation for my career advancement was that it was a wasted investment and that I couldn’t really gain anything from it. Since then, I have changed my thoughts, and it is because of Brian and The BDS Agency. I have gained so much knowledge and understanding of how people think and operate in our professional realm. Brian has been dead on in all of his advisement and understands my expectations for my career. His support gives me confidence every day that my hard work will not go unnoticed or unappreciated. With all that being said, Brian is also someone who genuinely cares about my future. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Tarrell Robinson, Head Coach at North Carolina A&T State University

“When I started to work with Brian, it was the best thing for my career. He was able to help me get in front of AD’s and administrators. He gave me information on each job that I wouldn’t have been able to get myself. Once I landed my head coaching position, he was huge in negotiating my contract and making sure that the language in the contract was good for me. If you are looking for someone to represent you, I would give Brian a call. He works hard for you and does a great job.”

Bernard Scott, Head Coach at the University of Detroit Mercy

“Brian came in highly recommended but I knew I had to represent what he stands for as well. Coming from an Assistant Coach to a Head Coach position, it was imperative I had the guidance from the best of the best and I believe Brian is just that person. Brian’s knowledge, communication skills and ability to negotiate are second to none. I’m not sure what I would have done without his representation. He plays an integral role in my development as a Head Coach and I can now see how big of a help Brian and his agency are beyond contract negotiations. He is very accessible and always willing to look into anything I throw at him. His passion, work ethic and willingness to help are second to none!”

Angelika Szumilo, Head Coach at Fairleigh Dickinson University

“I am very fortunate to have Brian Stanchak as my agent for the past four years. Brian has represented my interests very well. He is well versed and very knowledgeable in every aspect of being a quality, reliable agent. It’s obvious that Brian fights for and works tirelessly for his clients. He is also very accessible. It is apparent to me that Brian sincerely cares about the people he represents. I would recommend him highly.”

Mark Trakh, Head Coach at the University of Southern California 

“I do not know how I survived in this business for ten years without Brian! His support, encouragement, and knowledge was something I needed through an exciting but stressful time in my career. He continues to make my life easier daily and for that I’m very grateful!”

Camryn Whitaker, Head Coach at Northern Kentucky University

“Having Brian as my agent was a complete game-changer for my career. I did my research and knew Brian to be the absolute best in the business, and I quickly found out there’s a reason for his outstanding reputation! He is smart, kind, hard-working and professional! Brian is the first and only agent I will ever need!”

Lance White, Head Coach at the University of Pittsburgh

“I am extremely grateful to have Brian Stanchak and The BDS Agency representing me professionally. It is comforting to have someone as hard-working, knowledgeable, and experienced as Brian assisting in my professional journey. His genuine nature and sincere interest in my family and our program are evident each time we connect. It has truly been a fantastic partnership.”

Amy Williams, Head Coach at the University of Nebraska

“Working with Lewis and the BDS Agency has been a remarkable experience. Their communication with me throughout my process was refreshing and genuine. A day didn’t go by that I didn’t feel like they weren’t in my corner. I’m really thankful God lead me to this agency and I’m looking forward to continue doing great work with them!”

Preston BeverlyAssistant Coach at Hofstra University

“I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision to hire Brian as my agent. His background as a coach and an administrator gives him a perspective that few others in the business have. Brian really gets to know his clients in order to help find the right fit for them and to put them in a position to succeed. He has been a great resource for me and he is always available to provide support, feedback, and guidance. I look forward to continuing to work with him.”

Robyne Bostick, Associate Head Coach at the University of Missouri-Kansas City

“Working with Brian and The BDS Agency has been greater than I could have ever imagined. From providing support to helping me advance to bigger and better opportunities to allowing me to attend HCTC to grow and network within my craft, Brian has done it all. I feel very secure and encouraged about my future in coaching knowing I have Brian in my corner.”

Jesyka Burks-Wiley, Assistant Coach at the University of South Florida

“Brian is much more than an agent and The BDS Agency is far more than an agency. Brian is a loyal friend, while BDS is a second family to me. His passion, work ethic, honesty, and sincerity are what makes him and his agency who they are today. Brian has helped me in many ways, personally and through the job search process. For these facts, I am very fortunate. His tireless approach and planned out thought process excites me, and I am very grateful to have him in my corner. I encourage anyone who wants to be anyone in this business to talk to Brian. He will work harder for you than you will yourself.”

Anthony Crocitto, Head Coach at Saint Leo University

“Hiring Brian has been without a doubt the best move of my coaching career. His passion and work ethic go above and beyond, but his personal investment in the lives of my wife and I are what separates him from every other agent. He cares about his clients. He prepares his clients. I am so thankful to not only be represented by the best agent, but also to be able to call Brian a close friend.”

Jason Jeschke, Associate Head Coach at the University of South Dakota

“Brian is one of the most respected agents in college athletics today. He has experience both as a collegiate coach and administrator, which gives him a unique perspective and understanding of the intricacies of our business. Brian works tirelessly for each coach and gets to know you on a personal level, understanding your personal goals so he can better serve you. Most importantly, he is a high character and principle individual. It doesn’t get any better than Brian Stanchak!”

Steve Lanpher, Head Coach at Randolph College

“Brian has not only been a tremendous resource this past year and half, he’s been a great friend! His attention to detail and personal investment in his clients, whom he sees as people and not just as coaches, separates him in this industry! I am extremely blessed to have him in my corner. He is definitely playing a major role in the development of my career.”

Elena Lovato, Assistant Coach at Mississippi State University

“Brian has been a hard worker for me and his high character is second to none. His concern for his clients is what sets him apart. His ability to get information about the jobs that are open has been very beneficial and has saved a lot of time and effort on my part.”

Mark Miller, Head Coach at the University of South Carolina-Aiken

“Brian is no doubt the best in the business! I wouldn’t be in the great situation I’m in, if not for his guidance and help. He is someone I trust without reservation and appreciate his guidance and friendship.”

Seth Minter, Assistant Coach at Missouri State University

“I am so grateful for Brian and the role he is playing in this stage of my career. His willingness to get to know me personally has made our professional relationship so much stronger and gives me the utmost confidence in his ability to help me accomplish my career goals moving forward. I love the fact that he is “one of us”! As a former women’s basketball coach at the collegiate level, as well as a former Director of Athletics, I know that he understands better than most the issues and challenges specific to women’s basketball and has all of the tools necessary to help his clients navigate the landscape. As a 20-year coaching veteran, I feel extremely fortunate to have Brian in my corner and to be a member of the BDS family!”

Jeri Porter, Head Coach at Francis Marion University

“There’s no one better to represent a coach than Brian Stanchak. He not only provides first-class service to his clients, he goes above and beyond just “doing the job”. Brian genuinely cares about people and proves it time and time again. Anyone who is fortunate to have Brian represent them has an unbelievable person in their corner”

Sheila Roux, Former Assistant Coach at the University of Massachusetts and Interim Head Coach at Columbia University

“Brian has been there for me as a mentor, friend, and agent since I got to the Division I level. His guidance and wisdom navigating the landscape of college basketball has been immensely beneficial to my career. You’re able to sleep well at night knowing you have someone like Brian working for you!”

David Saur, Head Coach at Chatham University

“Brian was with me every step of the way from the start of my job search through the hiring process. His expertise in preparing for job interviews and the resources he provided me were invaluable. His input throughout the interview and hiring process gave me confidence and reassurance when making such a big decision to take on a new challenge. He was passionate about helping me reach my goals and always aligned his advice and input with what he knew to be the long-term goals of my family. I have not only gained an advisor and mentor, but also a friend.”

Robyn Scherr-Wells, Assistant Coach at Davidson College

“Brian has helped me tremendously these last two years grow as a professional, person, and a first-year Head Coach. The advice he offers, guidance he provides, and honest approach to our partnership and friendship is what attracted me to working with Brian. He offered all this before I ever signed with him. That is when I knew I could trust him, when I realized he took pride in our relationship and success more than me just being a BDS client.”

Cameron Sealey, Head Coach at Lenoir-Rhyne University

“The climate of collegiate athletics can be an extremely challenging environment. Having Brian advocating on my behalf every step of the way has helped tremendously, allowing me to focus on coaching my team. The benefits and conditions of my employment that he negotiated improved the quality of my life. I highly recommend Brian to my peers.”

Laura Maness, Head W Lacrosse Coach at Kennesaw State University

“The BDS Agency has done a tremendous job of representing me and managing my professional aspirations! Brian has been in involved in so much more than just contract negotiations by helping guide me in the interview process, offering sound advice, and preparing me for the first few months on the job. Brian has been a mentor to me and someone I rely on for both professional and personal guidance.”

Linda Cimino, Former Head Coach at Binghamton University

“Working with Brian and The BDS Agency was an integral part of building my career. His professionalism, honesty, and guidance were second to none. He was there every step of the way. I am very thankful to not only have Brian represent me, but for his friendship as well.”

Stephanie Del Preore, Former Head Coach at Long Island University