Career Counsel

We are an available sounding board with proven-expertise to assist clients in their all aspects of their career. If a problem arises, Brian’s first-hand knowledge of an athletic administrator’s mindset allows our clients the comfort in knowing they’ll receive insightful counsel to assist them through various situations. Should more serious issues occur, we have a direct working relationship with one of the nation’s premier sports attorneys and financial advisors, further protecting and supporting our clients and their careers.


We help our clients become more visible within the industry, while also identifying potential outside income opportunities that may be available to them.

Interview Preparation:

What better way to prepare to interview for a Head Coach position than by being prepared by a former collegiate Director of Athletics? Our clients will feel confident going into an interview opportunity.

Professional Development:

We work closely with our clients to continuously expand their network, grow professionally, and develop resume materials that standout.

Job Placement Support:

While we do not promise that we will get our clients any position that they are interested in, we do promise to work as hard as possible with each client to put them in the best position to obtain their desired position through anticipating openings, communicating with administrators, gathering information, and strategizing in all areas of the search process.

Contract Negotiation:

We possess a specific expertise in the unique and intricate language in coach contracts, focusing on maximizing our client’s earning potential and professional protection, while eliminating the uncomfortableness of negotiating.