By Jackie Orr (@JOrriginal)

BDS Search Founder and President, Brian D. Stanchak, spoke at the National Collegiate Recruiting Conference on June 6th hosted by Dan Tudor of Tudor Collegiate Strategies. The conference took place from June 5th through the 7th in Nashville, TN. College coaches from all sports came together to hear insights from Dan Tudor and his recruiting experts, experienced coaches, and marketing specialists. The goal of the conference was to leave coaches with a better understanding of how to recruit effectively and learn new techniques and technologies that are transforming the industry.

Stanchak spoke specifically about networking in a presentation titled “It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you”. In an industry where people are told they need to know someone to get involved in a job, getting people to remember you and think something positive about you are critical in building a strong reputation within the industry. During his presentation, he stressed the importance of building relationships with others and not simply collecting contacts. He provided attendees insight and strategies to enhance their networking skills.