Welcome To The BDS Agency

Founded in 2013, The BDS Agency, LLC has grown into a nationally respected industry leader in four short years. The BDS Agency focuses on advising, marketing, and representing college basketball coaches, specializing in women’s basketball coaches, to assist them in maximizing and protecting all aspects of their careers. The BDS Agency takes some of the off-the-court pressure away from our clients through career counsel, professional development, marketing, job placement support, interview preparation, and contract negotiations. The BDS Agency is a boutique agency based in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and led by Founder and President Brian D. Stanchak.

Picture1In addition to his four years leading The BDS Agency, Brian possesses 15 years of combined experience as an collegiate Director of Athletics and NCAA Division I basketball coach. As a collegiate AD, Brian was advising numerous coaching friends on managing situations with their administration, preparing for an interview, and contract negotiations. After several of these coaches had success in advancing their careers and enhancing their contracts, Brian realized that his firsthand knowledge of the inner-workings of both industries was a valuable asset and provided a uniquely advantageous expertise to coaches that no other agent in the industry possessed, while also recognizing that there was a need for an agent who prioritized women’s basketball coaches at all levels.

The BDS Agency is dedicated to providing innovative and coach-specific management to each of our clients, while forming long-term relationships with our clients and their families. Understanding the life and demands of a Division I basketball coach himself, Brian focuses on providing a service to coaches that he would have wanted as a coach.

Since 2014, we have represented

  • 32 clients who became a first-time DI Head Coach or obtained a new DI Head Coach position
  • 9 clients who became a first-time DII/III Head Coach or obtained a new DII/DIII Head Coach position
  • 25+ DI Head Coach clients whose contracts were renegotiated